Miss Bonnie's Nurses: The First Fifty Years of Nursing at UNC Charlotte


Ann Mabe Newman, RN, PhD
Dona Haney, RN, MSN


The UNC Charlotte School of Nursing was founded in 1965 under the direction of President Bonnie Cone in what was then the Charlotte College. Miss Bonnie’s Nurses: The First Fifty Years of Nursing at UNC Charlotte traces the history of the school to its position today as the premier choice for providing the highest quality of nursing education with a commitment to community engagement in the Charlotte region and beyond. Ann Mabe Newman and Dona Haney, both alumni with close ties going back to the program’s earliest years, add their personal perspective to this account of the people who shaped the institution and its history. Adding to their close knowledge of the school are the voices and memories of deans, alumni, and faculty that were collected for the book. Featuring more than seventy-five  photographs, Miss Bonnie’s Nurses documents and celebrates the contributions of a community of scholars and nurses that educate over 500 students annually as they enter the extraordinary world of nursing and begin their careers in healthcare.


  • Table of Contents
  • Foreword ix
    Chancellor Philip L. Dubois
  • Foreword xi
    Dr. Dee M. Baldwin
  • Preface xv
  • Introduction
    A Brief History of UNC Charlotte’s School of Nursing
  • Chapter One
    The Beginning Years: Edith Brocker, RN, MEd, Founding Dean of the College of Nursing, 1965 – 1972
  • Chapter Two
    Rapid Growth and Development: Dr. Marinell Jernigan, 1972 – 1977
  • Chapter Three
    Conflict: Dr. Louise Schlachter, 1977 – 1983
  • Chapter Four
    A Year of Healing, 1984–1985
  • Chapter Five
    Regrouping, Moving Forward, Hitting Our Stride: 1985–1992
  • Chapter Six
    Managing Change: Strategic Planning, Assessing, Restructuring, Building, Merging, and Moving: 1992–2004
  • Chapter Seven
    Into a New Century, Implications/Adjustments to a New Structure: Dr. Karen Schmaling, 2004 – 2010
  • Chapter Eight
    Access and Partnerships: 2002–2006
  • Chapter Nine
    UNC Charlotte’s Golden Anniversary and Beyond: 2011–2018
  • Chapter Ten
    Recognition, Successes, New Programs in Nursing
  • Chapter Eleven
    Beyond the Classroom
  • Chapter Twelve
    Endowed Scholarships and Funds
  • Chapter Thirteen
    Named Areas within the College of Nursing
  • Chapter Fourteen
    Research and Scholarship
  • Chapter Fifteen
    In Conclusion

Author Biographies

Ann Mabe Newman, RN, PhD

Ann Mabe Newman received her Diploma in Nursing at UVa, BSN from UNC Charlotte, MSN at UNC Chapel Hill and PhD from UAB.  Before retiring in 2012, she taught nursing and women’s studies for thirty-four years. She was recognized as an outstanding educator with the Bank of America Excellence in Teaching Award. Her contributions to the college and the community have earned her many awards, including Distinguished Alumni Award from the UNC Charlotte Alumni Association, a Nursing Distinguished Alumni Award, and induction into the North Carolina Nurses Association Hall of Fame.

Dona Haney, RN, MSN

Dona Haney graduated in the second class of the nursing program, the first class of the MSN program, and also received her BSN from UNC Charlotte. She had a long career at Mercy Hospital as an expert in infection control and in nursing education. She is a recipient of a Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina award and served two terms as president of the Association of Practitioners in Infection Control, as well as president of the UNC Charlotte School of Nursing Alumni Association Chapter.


July 20, 2018


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