Race and Social Justice: Building an Inclusive College Through Awareness, Advocacy, and Action


Kendra Jason, Ph.D.


Race and Social Justice: Building an Inclusive College Through Awareness, Advocacy, and Action is designed to support college and university members as they navigate and aim to eliminate individual, interpersonal, and institutional discrimination and seek to create more inclusive workplaces and learning environments for faculty, staff, and students. Through the narratives of faculty and staff from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, who were charged with dismantling anti-Black racism, we learn from their concerns, challenges, successes, and change process; as well as what works and does not when building diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice into the fabric of a large college. This book centers the work of six Race and Social Justice working groups. Each chapter will detail research in the areas of self-reflection, anti-racist workplace practices, policy, faculty research and outreach, graduate recruitment and success, and undergraduate student success. National- and college-level statistics are provided as context for recommendations, action steps, and suggested short- and long-term planning towards racial equity in higher education.

Volume edited by Kendra Jason

Table of Contents
Foreword, Brandon Wolfe
Chapter 1: Race and Social Justice: My Approach and the Resistance, Kendra Jason
Chapter 2: The Genesis, Goals, and Process of UNC Charlotte’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences’ Justice and Equity Group, Sonya Ramsey, Joyce Dalsheim, Debarati Dutta, and Julia Robinson Moore
Chapter 3: Equity Fundamentals: Self-Reflection, Committee Work, and Policy Sandra Clinton, Maisha Cooper and Dave Frantzreb
Chapter 4: Building an Antiracist Workplace, Eddy M. Souffrant and Susana Cisneros
Chapter 5: Making Race and Social Justice Matter in Faculty Research and Outreach, Crystal Eddins, Erika Denise Edwards, Scott Gartlan, and Honoré Missihoun
Chapter 6: Opportunities, Barriers, and Building a Path to a Graduate Degree for Historically Marginalized Students, Alaina Names-Mattefs and Suzanne Leland
Chapter 7: Undergraduate Student Success: Incorporating Race and Social Justice Issues Into Pedagogy, Victoria E. Rankin and Carrie Wells
Conclusion, Kendra Jason

Author Biography

Kendra Jason, Ph.D.

Kendra Jason, Ph.D. served as the inaugural Race and Social Justice Advocate for University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences from 2021-2023. She is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology with nearly 20 years of diversity, equity, and inclusion experience. She is currently the Executive Fellow for Strategic Initiatives in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion where she is responsible for serving as the strategic leader for the inclusive excellence plan implementation and as chief operating officer, leading organizational change efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion while maintaining close relationships with numerous stakeholders.

Cover of Race and Social Justice: Building an Inclusive College Through Awareness, Advocacy, and Action


April 18, 2023

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